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Purple Lizard Maps - Rincón (Puerto Rico)

$17.00 $17.00

The Rincon Lizard Map & Guide is your key to uncovering all that Rincon has to offer. This small, welcoming town on the western tip of Puerto Rico has long been a mecca for those that love surfing, wandering along quiet beaches and enjoying the  island life.

This bilingual (Spanish and English) map and guide is the most comprehensive map ever made. It features locations and descriptions of Rincon’s roads, trails, 16 beaches, 17 surf breaks and other points of interest on this beautiful island escape. 

A beautifully designed, easy to read topographic map featuring contour lines, elevation data for both land and sea, shaded relief and all the key details you need to plan your adventures: backroads in the mountains, parking access, public lands, historic sites and more. On the Guide side, you will learn everything you need to get started exploring Rincon, a bit about its history, descriptions of its beaches, and detailed surf break descriptions. 

Lizard Maps are durable, waterproof, and give you the big picture – the map opens to 24” x 36” and folds easily to 4” x 8” to fit in your beach bag.