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Current Sales Promotion

12 Days of 3ROC Christmas Specials

10% off store-wide

PLUS 20% off Kavu

For online orders, please email us and we will retroactively apply the discount to your order.



  • Consignment, LVC, 3ROC Merchandise
  • Discounts cannot be stacked on already already clearanced items
  • Store-wide discount does not apply to other discounts and does not stack


3ROC Bucks

3ROC Bucks are earned during certain promotional periods and are available on a limited basis as stipulated by 3ROC personnel. 

When available, customers will earn $20 in 3ROC Bucks for every $100 they spend on the eligible, full-priced products.  These 3ROC Bucks may then be used during a subsequent visit to the store for redemption, may not be redeemed for online purchases, and may only be used on full-priced items.   3ROC Bucks can not be applied towards any used, LVC, or clearance items.  In addition, only $1 in 3ROC Bucks can be applied for every $5 spent on the awesome gear.  (I.e., you may only redeem $60 in 3ROC Bucks on the purchase of a $300 tent.  You may not redeem $300 in 3ROC Bucks for this tent.)