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Wren's Gear Corner: Nite Ize “Hitch” Phone Anchor + Tether

Wren's Gear Corner: Nite Ize “Hitch” Phone Anchor + Tether

Nite Ize “Hitch” Phone Anchor + Tether: Take your phone from Social to Sport Mode in an Instant 

This one may seem simple folks, but I had a close call with a glacier stream and my phone while on the trail in Switzerland last month. Trip report on The Haute Route from Chamonix, France to Zermatt, Switzerland to come in the September newsletter so keep your eyes peeled! 

The Nite Ize Hitch is debatably one of the most recommended items in the shop from many of our crew and I love to give it as a gift to my adventure pals. You’d think with this clutch item, you’d never have one of those “Geez I’m an idiot” self loathing talks on the trail regarding dropping your phone but you do have to remember to clip it to something! “Geez Wren, you’re an idiot.” It was a hot day and I was wearing my Patagonia Nine Trails shorts which did not having a clip on them or pockets (I will moan about this more in a later review) I had lovingly placed my phone in the pocket of my new Osprey Eja 48 hip belt, zipper open and all (facepalm) and was merrily dipping my favorite trail hat in the stream to cool off, and “BLOOP” I’m staring at my phone through a foot of beautifully clear and icy glacial water. Ironically, I can even read the “Everything’s Fine” sticker by @workofharris as the water flows over my phone as my husband, Daniel exclaims “That was dumb!”. So folks, the lesson to learn here is that even though I consider myself pretty darn good at testing out and using the gear that I have, user error does occur. Don’t fret though. My phone was fine and my ego was fine too (eventually). 

Back to the “Hitch”. This thing is ALWAYS on my phone. Usually in “casual mode” and clipped back on itself to create a bracelet but when I’m really adventuring it’s in what I like to call “sport mode” The Hitch is basically 2 small locking S-Biners, a 6 inch long tether that extends up to 24 inches, and an “anchor” that goes in your phone case with a small attachment piece for the tether that comes out of the charging port area of the phone. It’s easy, simple, and I love it!

This is the perfect product for any lifestyle. If you don’t want to drop your phone off an outlook while taking a selfie, have your phone pop out of your pocket while you’re projecting a new climb at your local crag, or simply leave your phone laying around this is the doodad for you (if you use it correctly of course)!  


Cheers and See Yinz Out There!

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