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Wren's Gear Corner: Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC

Wren's Gear Corner: Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC

Wren's Gear Corner: Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC

What I liked about it?

After using cheap trekking poles for years I upgraded to Leki Micro Vario COR-TEC trekking poles last fall and haven't looked back. I love how compact and easy to use they are. The cork grips are also great as they don't soak up sweat and are more durable over the long run compared to foam grips. My favorite feature is the z-pole fold design that makes it super easy to pack for air travel at 15 inches. 

Most impressive point

Kevlar-reinforced tension cord proved invaluable as it hit -24 degrees on an ice climbing trip to the Adirondacks this past winter. It did start to get stiff but I left the poles in the locked position so that I wouldn't wake up and not be able to use them. Don't forget that Aluminum poles are the way to go in the Winter! Even if you're really counting ounces and trying to pack light, carbon fiber poles can crack in sub zero temps. 

Any negatives?

No. For the price point of these aluminum poles they performed amazingly. They are my go to, even after acquiring a pair of carbon fiber poles. The aluminum absorbs shock, unlike carbon, and provides for a smoother feel. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a set of trekking poles!

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