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Wren's Gear Corner: Exped Ultra 3R

Wren's Gear Corner: Exped Ultra 3R

Wren's Gear Corner: Exped Ultra 3R

The Exped Ultra 3R Sleep Mat is one of the best in the market! Swiss engineering wins with Synmat Technology that will keep the insulation lined and ready for 3 season use for a lifetime. I've been using this pad for almost a year and I love the simplicity of the Schnozzel pump bag that inflates the pad in minutes and doubles as a great waterproof compression sack. Alternatively, you can use the Exped Widget that inflates your pad, works as a lantern, and charges electronics via a USB connection.

The pad feels super durable with 20 D ripstop polyester and I never feel as though I need to be "dainty" with it. I love hitting the trails with the Ultra 3R knowing that I'll be well rested and ready to put in the miles each day. It's also great for car camping and I love that Exped also makes a double size mat, on my wish list!, so that there are no gaps, which I know the pups will love! See yinz out on the trail!

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