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Cygolite Ranger Endurance 1800 USB Headlight

$149.95 $149.95

A super compact light great for both mountain and road which claims to have the best battery life on a bike light with this many lumens

  • Supercharged 1:15 to 85 hour run time
  • Extremely powerful 1,800 lumens in the most compact and stylish form
  • Cycling Tuned Optics™ throws a long range, extra wide beam to cover road and mountain biking
  • Daytime visible flashes make you stand out on busy streets
  • Two-button design lets you fine tune the brightness and flash speeds to your cycling needs
  • Expand run times beyond factory default settings by fine tuning the brightness modes and flash speeds
  • 9 lighting modes for day and night use
  • SteadyPulse® mode alerts motorists with attention grabbing pulses while its overlapping steady beam constantly lights your way at night
  • DayLightning® flash mode bursts lightning-like flashes to make you stand out in broad daylight on busy streets
  • IP67 water resistant for use in all weather conditions
  • USB rechargeable with 5 hours recharging time
  • Designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA
  • Weight: 252g.