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Shop Local, Grow Pittsburgh Outdoors

3ROC Founder Christine Reflects on her original vision of 3ROC

I have a question for you Pittsburgh.  Do you want an independent gear shop in Pittsburgh?

Right now local retailers across the country are struggling.  It continues to be a challenging landscape to navigate, managing our 2,000+ products is a lot of work, not to mention the local gear consignment, plus the local artist creations, plus the community events.  Here is a story directly from another shop they announced on December 1, discussing their November sales and I can our story is similar.

Outdoor recreation is growing very rapidly - Pennsylvania included. The original dream for 3ROC was to be the physical place unique to PIttsburgh that the Pittsburgh Outdoor community could gather and call home. 


We’ve had your support when we started, we had your support through COVID, but right now, we are facing another challenge.  As evidenced from the above story, we are now competing against a massive online market.  These online markets only care about profits and sales and paying executives high end compensation packages and not YOUR local economy.   I truly believe ‘If you build it, they will come’.  Jason and I both have given so much of our energy, sacrificed time with new family, and worked for only the promise that someday the shop will be an integral part of getting Pittsburghers outside.


Jason and I and everyone at 3ROC care about the PIttsburgh community.  We struggle and fight against these obstacles because we believe Pittsburgh is an awesome outdoor place worthy of an independent gear shop.

So as you do your holiday shopping, please ask yourself this question about whether you want an outdoor gear shop in Pittsburgh which is only possible if you buy your gear locally. 

    • Give us the opportunity to price match our competition
    • Give us the opportunity to show you, we are worth it to drive across two bridges to enjoy the afternoon in Frick Park, then pickup a gift card for your neighbor or your parents, or your coworkers. 
    • Give us the opportunity to work with you make Pittsburgh an awesome outdoor city

    Here are some ways you can help:

      • Visit us in-store or online.  
      • If you already have all of your gear, help us grow!  Buy a gift card and give it to someone you care about

        • Invite a friend for a hike or trail run, grab a beer, and visit the shop.  Help us convince someone to drive across two bridges to see us.

        • Get someone else into the outdoors.  Tell a co-worker job well done with a gift card and let us help them on their journey into the outdoors.

        • Gift cards are better than a donation.  You can encourage someone to get outside, give a gift, and support us.

    (actual purchased 3ROC gift card)


      • Love our community impact?  Show us here with the community endorsement.
      • Don’t have the money?  Give us a Google Review.  Make a great post about the shop you love and share it with everyone you know.  Tag us and we’ll happily share.
      • Always welcome to help us steer the course.  We love new ideas and we want the community input.   Contact us

      With much love this holiday season!  If you really want to learn more, go see Jason's thoughts here.


      Founder of 3 Rivers Outdoor Company