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3ROC Adventure Race Team

This is the launching site for the 3ROC Adventure Race Team.  It is a group of like-minded, adventure seeking, competitive (or not) folks from the Pittsburgh area who want to get more involved in Adventure Racing and do some events with some local folks. 



  1. By the end of 2024, build a team of 20-30 members who have participated in at least one team event and demonstrate a commitment to continue racing.
  2. Compete in at least 5 adventure races as a team in 2024
  3. Send two teams to USARA nationals in 2024 and have a competitive race
  4. Prepare for two teams to complete a multi-day expedition race.  (possibly the 2025 Endless Mountains 5-day Expedition Race) (one competitive and one experience building)


Team Resources:

JOIN US!! Adventure Racing Group Chat (on Discord Platform) - place to connect with folks and setup teams for upcoming events.

Shared Team Gear (under construction)

Team Playbook and Knowledge base (under construction)

Team Gear Special Orders (enter:3ROCAR as the promo)