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EE Revelation 40° Specs (Stock)

  • Temperature Rating: 40° F
  • Insulation: 850 fill power duck down (RDS certified)
  • Size: Regular/Regular
  • Dimensions:
  • Length: 78”
  • Shoulder Width: 54”
  • Foot Width: 40”
  • Weight: 15.81oz
  • Footbox Closure: 20” zipper and adjustable shockcord
  • Fabric: 10D ripstop nylon with DWR finish

For complete details and specs, visit EE Revelation product page


Users can choose from 850 fill power duck down or 950 fill power goose down. Fill power describes the compression of the insulation, or how much space 1oz of feathers takes up. One ounce of 850 fill power down will occupy 850 cubic inches, and 950 fill power down will occupy 950 cubic inches. That means: the higher the fill power, the less down that’s need to loft your quilt, which translates to lighter weight.

Unlike many other quilt manufacturers, Enlightened Equipment does NOT use hydrophobic-treated down. They justify this, writing “ While both down types have their pros and cons, ultimately the situations where treated down excels are infrequent. Treated down does perform well when submerged or exposed to extreme wetness, but in the most common encounters with wetness (condensation, damp footbox, wet spots, etc…), we’ve found that treated and untreated down quilts perform similarly. After lots of testing and experimentation, we’ve also noted increased loft, durability, and comfort from our untreated down quilts, and feel untreated down provides a more premium product for our customers. While treated down is quality down, we feel its beneficial elements are infrequently encountered, potentially overstated, and overshadowed by some of the aforementioned benefits provided by untreated down.”


The main feature of the Revelation, compared to other models in the Enlightened Equipment lineup, is the open foot box design: the quilt can lay flat like a blanket or be zippered and cinched to enclose the legs. As temperatures fluctuate, the user can open or close the quilt’s footbox to mitigate heat and cold. Additionally, the top end of the quilt has an adjustable drawstring and snaps to manage draft control.


  • The Regular/Regular size quilt lists that users size 5’6” to 6’0” with a girth of 48-56”. They offer Short/Regular/Long lengths and Slim/Regular/Wide widths to cover most any sized human there is. Selecting the right size is crucial to ensuring full coverage and loft, while also not carrying more weight than needed.
  • When it comes to quilt sizing, more is generally better, especially for the colder weather bags. If a user finds themselves in a chilly night and wants to wrap it around/under the body to seal off all draft entry, more of the quilt is being used than if it were to lay flat across the body. If it’s pulled tight to fit around the body, the down is being compressed as the fabric is stretched. When down is compressed, it no longer insulates properly and results in a colder sleeping experience. Since down is only as warm as its loft, it’s vital to order the correct sizing to account for any situation you might be in.


Users who are new to quilts may take pause at the price point in comparison with the conventional sleeping bag, but the Enlightened Equipment Revelation is one of the best values on the market in terms of warmth, weight, price, and quality. There are certainly higher quality and more highly regarded quilts out there, but those options come with higher prices, longer wait times for custom ordering, and more fragile materials. Treated properly, the Revelation is a piece of gear that can last you a decade without losing function. In order to have a happy relationship with your new quilt, it’s important to choose the correct size and temperature rating. When done correctly, the Revelation can instantly take multiple pounds off your back (depending on the type of sleeping bag you previously had) without sacrificing comfort and safety.