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Frick Park Day Hike with Beat the Blues Meetup Group

Welcome to the Beat the Blues Wellness Adventure Group! Join us for an exciting new journey as we explore the Frick Park trails! Afterwards we will visit 3 Rivers Outdoor Company, Pittsburgh's independent gear shop. Hike participants will be offered a special 20% discount on one full price item (in store only)! A fire pit is located in front of the store for use in addition to several nearby restaurants from which to order takeout. Beer is available from 3ROC for a $5 donation to the non-profit, TrailPGH, through their community impact partnership.

In addition, BTB & 3ROC are happy to announce a New Year New Shoes campaign!
○ Any footwear order made under the PROMO code BLUES24 will receive a 20% off discount on available models. (orders must be received by 2/17/24)
○ All orders must be picked up in store
○ Expected delivery is March 2, 2024
○ BTB members are encouraged to visit the store to verify sizing and discuss specific hiking preferences.
Link to online order site
3ROC's Hiking Boot Collection

Before your hike with us, please note the following:

Attendance: Do not reserve a spot if you aren't serious about attending! The event is limited to 35 in order to account for all hikers and respect the peace of the park. If you cannot attend due to unforeseen circumstances, release your reservation a day in advance so waitlisted participants can plan to come. No shows and last-minute cancellations are highly discouraged and repeat occurrences will result in loss of membership without communicating with me directly.

Meeting location: Frick Park Lower Parking Lot, on Frick Lane. (Located in Regent Square, S. Braddock Ave to Hutchinson Ave to Frick Lane) All hikes begin at the designated time with no exceptions! We will be hiking in all conditions unless notified in advance.

Regarding safety: 90% of the hike will be dirt/gravel forest trails. The trails are hilly and can be muddy/icy. We may cross several streams. Hiking poles are encouraged so that you do not fall. While this group cares for your safety, all participants hike at their own risk.

Regarding endurance: hikes last about 2 hours and stretch for 5.5 miles. Please take this pace into consideration before attending. Bring water.

Dogs: are allowed at Frick Park.


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