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Wren's Gear Corner: Black Diamond Cosmo 350

Wren's Gear Corner: Black Diamond Cosmo 350

Black Diamond Cosmo 350: Dual Fuel = Double the Security

Headlamps are a necessity in my life and have replaced flashlights in our household. Whether it’s for overnight backpacking trips, car camping, lights going out during a storm, or searching for a dog toy that’s disappeared under the couch, they are so convenient. I also like to keep 1 or 2 headlamps in my car for emergencies. Please, no one ask me how many I own!!

My new go to is the Black Diamond Cosmo 350. I love that I can use the rechargeable battery or 3 AAA batteries. On a recent trip I charged the battery before packing it away and then carried 3 spare AAA batteries. I was especially worried about how the cold in the mountains would affect the life of the rechargeable lithium battery but I never needed to replace the battery. I was super impressed with the longevity of the rechargeable battery. It also has a locking feature so that it doesn’t accidentally get turned on in your pack and drain the battery.


Rechargeable battery and charger sold separately for $29.95. However, this still makes the Cosmo 350 more affordable than a lot of rechargeable headlamps that don’t give the option to use regular batteries so I still think it’s worth it. 

BONUS! Headlamp buying tips: 

When you’re looking to buy a headlamp, the number next to the model name is the number of lumens you’re getting from the bulb on its highest setting, just like when you buy a bulb for your home. At 350 lumens you can see about 210 feet in front of you which is perfect for most activities. I ALWAYS make sure that there is a red light available on the headlamp as well so that you don’t ruin your night vision using a bright light at night. The red light is especially helpful on 3ROC’s monthly headlamp hikes led by Sarah! You’ll be amazed at how well your eyes adjust and you won’t need a bright light to lead the way. If you haven’t tried night hiking I highly recommend it! 

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