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Speedgoat 5: Still the GOAT!

Posted by Jason miller on
Speedgoat 5: Still the GOAT!

Hoka shoes have held a top spot at 3ROC for years and there’s no doubting that the new upgrades are stellar! If you have stepped into a pair of Hoka’s and felt that “Cinderella moment” then you know what I’m talking about. I often warn people that if they’re not ready for the change, they shouldn’t try a Hoka on. It’s that good! There are a few enhancements to the new model of Speedgoat and my favorite is the increased traction with the redesigned lugs and the addition of Vibram Megagrip outsole that helps you stick your foot placement like Spiderman. They’ve also shed about 10% of their weight, which is noticeable and great for preventing those tired legs. The toe rand and rock plate also protect the tootsies from rocks and roots when I inevitably start dragging my feet when I get tired. All in all, the Speedgoat will continue to be my go to when I hit the trails, whether I am hiking, backpacking, or running.

PS: You may have noticed that many hikers no longer wear heavy boots. This has been a major shift over the last decade as trail running shoes have improved. Advancements with the foam that makes up the cushioning has meant that backpackers can carry heavy loads for an extended period without the shoe failing (i.e. midsole collapsing). Add in the addition of rock plates that keep your feet from throbbing as you step on rocks and roots and it’s just super putting on a cushioned trail shoe like the Speedgoat while out on the trails for days or weeks, instead of a heavy boot. Have you made the switch?

See you outside!


Photos: Wren Trail Running in Frick & Wren hiking at the Matterhorn

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