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Split Kayak Storage Float Bags

$29.95 $39.95

Why fill the back of your kayak with bags full of air when you can use that space for precious cargo? Fill the stern bags with gear, seal the top and viola, your boat won't swamp and your gear stays dry!
  • Long, narrow flotation bags to fit on either side of a kayak's center support pillar.
  • The full set includes two bow bags and two storage stern bags. Bow bags (are not "storage" bags) fit forward of the foot area of most kayaks longer than 8'.
  • 10-gauge Urethane material which won't leak or delaminate!
  • The stern bags feature a fold-down watertight opening with a nylon zipper on the outer bag.
  • Storage Stern Bag Dimensions inflated: 44"L x 8.5"D x 12"W, 3"W at tip
  • Bo...