We Are Hiring!

Do you love Pittsburgh and playing outside? Are you interested in sharing that passion with others? Are you looking for a great job where you will get in on the ground floor and have the power to influence the growth? Are you are a self-starter and driven to process improvement? If this sounds like you and what you are looking for let us know more! Fill out the brief questionnaire below. We will be interviewing over the next few weeks and looking for a few people passionate about playing outside in Pittsburgh.

Positions We Hiring For: Adventure Ambassador - As a small outdoor retail shop your primary responsibilities will be to assist customers with any needs related to outdoor gear and equipment, stock and receive inventory, run the register, assist with display setup and merchandising. Other duties may include assisting with social media, attending outdoor events, leading group meet-up events, or writing gear reviews. This list is not exhaustive and duties may change from day to day as shop needs vary. We are looking for potential employees to work either part-time or full-time.  Good candidates will have prior outdoor experience, some gear knowledge (not required, but valuable), a positive attitude and open mind, a passion for helping others, and a love for being active outside in one or more hobbies. If this sounds like a fit please complete the questionnaire at the link below and submit a resume.