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Walking Meditation at Frick Park with Vita L

  • 3 Rivers Outdoor Co 1130 S BRADDOCK AVE. PITTSBURGH United States (map)
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Walking Meditation through Frick Park every other Wednesday in July. Join us for walking meditation, an active mindfulness practice that you has you walking with intention and purpose in a forested area and connected with the elements. Walking meditation is stillness in action. The benefits of walking meditation are stress reduction and lowered blood pressure. The pace is slow as we observe and take in the elements and practice breathing exercises to calm the body and help us focus our intention within the body and how it resides within our environment. All levels are welcome!

Meditation is a practice. It is a practice of the mind to be still with purpose. Not a practice of emptying the mind, but a space to unplug and let it be still. When leading people through guided meditation I have them visualize unplugging the mind from all the feelings and thoughts, that way when everything is still and the perspective has been shifted you can look at feeling, emotions, thoughts, and experiences and decide where you want to plug back and what is the most constructive way to do so. The mind is very powerful and how we care for it, how we listen to, it can change everything. Heal the mind and you shift your entire world.

Meet at 3 Rivers Outdoor Co at 6:50 - Suggested Donation $10