Once Upon an Adventure...

 Chris Kaminski - Fall Run Park, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Chris Kaminski - Fall Run Park, Pittsburgh, Pa.

3 Rivers Outdoor Company is the vision of friends Chris Kaminski and Christine Iksic, two Pittsburghers' with a passion for adventure and the outdoors. 

Chris and Christine share a similar story with many Pittsburghers', "The Boomerang Story." A Pittsburgher born and raised grows up and leaves the Steel City to find greener pastures and grand adventures then somewhere in their later years they accidentally end up back in Pittsburgh. Chris went west to Colorado for school and to pursue his passions for climbing, biking, snow, and mountaineering. Christine went overseas to New Zealand and around the globe to pursue a career in aerial mapping and found her love of water, backpacking, and adventure travel.  Christine came back in 2009 and started to pursue whitewater kayaking leading her to realize what a mecca the region was for paddlesports. She never knew before how many special places lay around the bend in the river. Chris has come back and continues to find adventures even in ice climbing in unusual places like, Fall Run, just off Rt. 8 near Etna, and he is discovering new challenges and outdoor pursuits as he trains for his first ultra this spring with the 70 mile Laurel Highlands Ultra. Chris and Christine want to help change the story about Pittsburgh and outdoor adventure and they want to share their passion for the outdoors with other Pittsburghers whether they be seasoned explorers new to the area, or a longtime local looking to find new challenges in their backyard.

Our Mission

Our mission is to CONNECT the Pittsburgh Outdoor Community, PROMOTE the use of Western Pa's natural resources for Outdoor Adventure, and ADVOCATE for sustainable practices. 


 Christine Iksic - Lower Big Sandy Creek - W.V. Photo courtesy of Jeff Macklin

Christine Iksic - Lower Big Sandy Creek - W.V. Photo courtesy of Jeff Macklin

We want 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. to be a place for connecting  Pittsburgh climbers, hikers, bikers, runners, campers, paddlers, and outdoor adventure lovers. Taking the leap to try something new is often difficult on your own, it's easier when you have friends or neighbors who can show you the ropes, give you the support and motivation to challenge yourself, or that little bit of advice that will help you master a new technique. In outdoor sports this community is often a critical piece of having fun through shared experiences, being safe, and finding success. Pittsburgh isn't exactly known as an outdoor destination and finding those people can sometimes be harder in this town. 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. plans to keep building that community with in-store events, weekly outings, film-fests and more. We have lots of big ideas and we are working hard to become a hub for the Pittsburgh Outdoor Community.


Did you know it is possible go ice climbing 10 minutes outside of Pittsburgh (when the weather is cold enough), or that there is a State Park in the middle of the Allegheny River 15 minutes from the city where you can camp? Did you know there is 257 acres of green space on Mt. Washington with 10 miles of trail or that you can bike from Pittsburgh International Airport to D.C. on 335 miles of non-motorized trail? Did you know some of the best most challenging whitewater in the world is only 2 hours from Pittsburgh? There is a lot of stuff to do outside in Pittsburgh and you don't have to go far. At 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. we want to get the word out about all these awesome places to go hike, bike, climb, and paddle. There are so many organizations out there helping to preserve these places, maintain and create trail, or keeping our waterways clean. We  our partnering with many of these organizations through our Give Back Wednesdays and our Non Profit Partnerships. We believe that getting outside makes us healthier happier people and we want to share that with everyone and we want to support other organizations that help others get outside that is why we are donating 10% of our sales on Give Back Wednesday's once a month to a specificied local outdoor non-profit. You can also help us raise funds for these local outdoor non-profits, currently Allegheny Land Trust and Venture Outdoors, when you bring in gear for consignment.  You have the option to donate a portion of your consignment earnings to one of the current non-profit partners who we will submit a donation to on your behalf. 

 Photo by Jeff Macklin - New River Three Rivers Paddling Club Trip

Photo by Jeff Macklin - New River Three Rivers Paddling Club Trip


We live in a world of limited natural resources and most are aware of the importance of recycling. The same applies not only to glass or plastic but also to the outdoor equipment we purchase.  Gear that is old to you may still have plenty of useful life left and by putting it back into circulation through resale we are minimizing the need to utilize new resources to manufacture new goods. 

If we our passionate about outdoor adventure it means our hobbies are fueled by access to wilderness, clean rivers, parks, and forests. In order to ensure we and future generations have the same access if not better access to these outside playgrounds we must become conscientious consumers.We must put our dollars where our hearts are, in the outdoors, by protecting them and choosing brands that do their best to also do the same. At 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. our goal is to provide access to brands that are also advocating for our natural spaces, clean air, and water. Our goal at 3 Rivers Outdoor Co. is to bring access to all these types of brands and their quality specialty outdoor products to the Pittsburgh Outdoor Community and also making outdoor adventure more accessible to all. 

Thank you for visiting our site & our store. We look forward to seeing you out on the trail!

3 Rivers Outdoor Co. Founders - Christine Iksic & Chris Kaminski